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An Important Update

Dear AJSS Friend,

Thank you for your interest in the American Jewish Society for Service and our summer of service programs. Unfortunately, AJSS will not be running our summer programs this year. We are disappointed to find ourselves in this situation but due to a confluence of factors including recruitment challenges, the rising costs to run safe and meaningful programs, and a desire to charge a reasonable tuition and be fiscally responsible, we were faced with having to make this difficult decision.

While AJSS will not be running, we are excited to refer you to Tivnu, a program based in Portland, Oregon, that provides as close to an AJSS experience as you can find. We have worked closely with Tivnu’s Executive Director Steve Eisenbach-Budner in the past several years and are confident that the AJSS values are well represented in Tivnu programs. Tivnu is best known for its Jewish social-justice gap year program, but they have also run several programs in the summer, including one with AJSS in 2013. More information about the Tivnu summer can be found here or by contacting Tivnu directly at info@tivnu.org .

AJSS has been in the summer program business for more than 60 years and our staff here at HQ has a good understanding of the landscape and the programs that are available to teens. We are more than happy to talk with you (and your teenager) about Tivnu or other programs you might be interested in. Thank you for your interest and your commitment to changing lives and communities across the United States. We hope that even though you won’t have the chance to work with us this summer, you will continue to put your Jewish values into action and serve those in need.

Warm Regards,

Peter Sheingold
Board Chair
’86/Cincinnati, OH; ’91/Topeka, KS

Rena Convissor
Executive Director
’80/Jeanerette, LA; ’84/Dahlongega, GA

And the entire AJSS team.