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Hunger Helpers

By Shiryah Bar-Ness and Rachel Hyman

1 out of 6 people live in poverty.
17.2% of the population are at risk of going hungry.
1 out of 4 children go to bed hungry.
Oklahoma consistently ranks in the top 5 states in the number of people who are hungry.

Imagine going to sleep with nothing but an empty space and growing pain in your stomach. This may be a difficult scenario to envision because of our easy routine to simply grab a snack from the pantry or some leftovers out of the fridge. However, this is the tragic reality faced by 1 in 4 Oklahoman children daily. Despite these dire circumstances, one organization is trying to eradicate this statistic, as well as many others true to Oklahoma’s population. With 481,864,515 meals provided to hungry Oklahomans since 1980, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma is putting up a strong fight. On July 20 and 27, AJSS partnered with their inspiring staff and volunteers to continue making an incredible impact. ...

Connecting with Oklahoma

By Alexis Jaffe, Team OKC Staff

After a full week in the Sooner State, our group has had many opportunities to learn about Oklahoma’s history and culture, and to build connections in Oklahoma City. Every work day is a new opportunity to connect with the people we are volunteering alongside, and to build relationships and a strong connection to this community. Between service activities and the time spent exploring local hang-outs and visiting local landmarks, everyone is building a strong connection to each other and to this city we now call home.

I’m actually writing from the wonderful 1 Day Ranch, an animal rescue ranch outside of Oklahoma City. The founder of 1 Day Ranch, Maeghan Hadley, has not only provided AJSS with meaningful work, she always takes time to speak with us and share her stories. Maeghan has a deep love for animals and is motivated to save as many as possible. She spoke to Team OKC about the various animal therapy programs she offers and how animals are able to help people (and vice versa!). Hearing a community member’s story has left a lasting impression on the group. ...