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Encapsulating 25 Days in 6 Words

As AJSS says goodbye to Louisville, we invite you to read the group’s Six Word Memoirs on Service to get a glimpse of how these 25 Days of Change in Louisville, KY uniquely impacted each member of Team Louisville.

This was a really great experience. -Adi

Wake up early and go exploring. -Adina

Road trips make the best memories. -Ariella

Phrasing is key to framing experiences. -Greg

Wake up, drink coffee, live Torah. -Josh

The satisfaction of helping other people. -Kevin

Cherish the memories that you make. -Kimmy

More prepared for my life journey. -Lana

Time may fly but memories don’t. -Lauren ...

Team Louisville: The Final Week

We started our final full week with a tour of Mammoth Caves, a surprisingly short trip back to the JCC, and the excitement of showering after three days in the woods. We ended the day with a barbecue that Mike, our chef, was generous enough to host.

On Monday, we split up, with half of us going to the La Casita center, where we painted the walls, and the other half going to play with the children at the St. Vincent de Paul day camp. We ended our work day early in order to take a tour of Jewish Smoketown, a small section of Louisville, lead by Rabbi Rapport, the rabbi of the reform temple in Louisville. We learned about the history of the Jews in Louisville, the differences in architecture between different synagogues, and also visited the house Louis Brandeis grew up in. After a quick dinner, we made a short stop at the local Krispy Kreme to enjoy our long-awaited Hot Now experience. Full of fresh doughnuts, we went to an arcade to play a group game of laser tag, and then split up to enjoy mini golf, arcade games, or another game of laser tag. ...

A Nashville Fourth

What a great Independence Day weekend for AJSS Louisville!

After a road trip from Louisville to Memphis, we kicked off the weekend with a magnificent celebration of our country’s birthday. Spending the weekend in Memphis meant we got the chance to enjoy one of the biggest Fourth of July extravaganzas in the entire nation. In the afternoon, we enjoyed a country music festival headlined by Billy Currington, who many of us agree is one of the best performers in country music. We had our own little cookout in the heart of the fair – the whole day was so quintessential Americana, it was awesome. ...

A Night at the Rodeo

By Team Louisville Staff

If you’re reading this, please join us in wishing Stacy a Happy Birthday! Her official birthday was Monday, but we have even more festivities to come tonight. Stay tuned…

Stacy’s first birthday celebration took place at the Lincoln County Fair and Rodeo on Monday night, where Team Louisville had a blast. Most of the participants from Team Louisville hail from the East Coast, so the rodeo was a first for most of us. Between dancing to “Cotton-Eyed Joe,” indulging in some deep fried cinnamon rolls, and having a great time on the surprising number of rides that littered the fair, the experience definitely did not disappoint. ...

Louisville’s First Few Days

By Team Louisville Staff

We’ve had some busy, fun-filled days here in Louisville!

The participants got to work on Friday, a day spent touring YouthBuild and Smoketown and participating in various group activities to get to know each other. We got an idea of the type of work we will be doing for the next few weeks including gardening, volunteering in a soup kitchen, and working with some of the youth of the area doing various projects.

We were also given the opportunity to canvas around the neighborhood to inform the inhabitants of Smoketown of some upcoming YouthBuild activities. We ended the day with a beautiful Shabbat service at the synagogue and dinner. Saturday was a bit more relaxing with late wake up, a nature walk, and time to just hang out. We ended the day with Havdallah and a walk around downtown Louisville. We’re looking forward to the next few weeks and the experiences they’ll bring. ...