Talequa 1972 Hosted by International Basic Economy Corporation’s Indian. Housing Program: Fulfilled 2,208 “sweat equity” hours to help families satisfy requirements to receive new homes

Tulsa 1995 Refurbished medical clinic at Project Get Together (PGT); rehabilitated homes; served dinner at shelter for victims of domestic violence

Tulsa 1996 Assisted PGT with housing, grocery, and educational projects; worked with caseworkers to process and evaluate PGT clients

Tulsa 1998 Hosted by Community Action Project (CAP) of Tulsa County (formerly PGT); surveyed neighborhood to determine community’s needs; painted over Tulsa Railroad graffiti; volunteered at youth basketball tournament.

Tulsa 2002 Repaired homes with CAP; painted and landscaped schools for Head Start program; volunteered at homeless shelter and Jewish assisted living facility